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About Us

The Uni-one team is a group that has had decades of experience with design, production, and sales in North America. We have been exploring kitchen and bathroom improvements around the country for many years, and the insights we gained helped us develop product ideas that are integrated to the needs of everyday kitchen and bathroom use. Our goal is to establish a brand name, to integrate our existing experienced design and sales team, and to become the leading kitchen and bathroom cabinet supplier in the US.

We specialize in European and American styled real wood kitchens and bathroom cabinets. With years of research and experience working with the needs of American consumers, we’ve matured a production method that combines reliable base materials with the precision that delivers a detailed, hand-crafted finished product.

Keeping the consumer in mind, we employ cutting edge techniques and high standards of management and quality control, allowing us to efficiently produce goods that are functional, durable, environmentally friendly, and beautiful.